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I've been sketching ever since I was a kid. I just love to draw. Whenever I do nothing, I get a magazine, select a good looking celebrity to sketch and boom my favorite session starts, drawing faces. As an artist I would say, nothing satisfies me more than to see your work slowly but surely coming to fruition. From the details of the eyes to the details of nose, the shading of her lips and every little strands of her hair. I just love when every thing goes knitted together and produce a magnificent finish product at the end. For me, nothing is more satisfying than that.

But just like any other work of art it takes a great deal of patience to make this happen. Any thing you won't put any effort into will not be worthy enough to be cherished by others even yourself. So to start I would like to lead you to this very important point.

Make Drawing Your Passion

I cannot fully emphasize more on the significance of this. Because without passion, you wouldn't be able to withstand the dedication that is required on producing a great art, even harnessing the very skill required in creating a great art. Even if you grew up with this great skill in the visual arts, you will not succeed long if you don't have passion for it. I love the quote by Tim Notke which says, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Too bad to see talented artists totally lacking the passion to succeed in their craft. If only they have dedicated a little of their time every single day developing their talent, then it would have definitely made a big impact than not doing any thing at all.

So just to start, make sure your passion in drawing is there, because if it isn't it will show. And it will be evident in the product you will have in the end. If you wouldn't have the passion to consider every bit of detail, every curve, every shade then the final product will be one detail short and in the area of drawing portraits and realistic faces, it will make all the difference.

Where To Start?

So let's say, you already understood it, you tell me yeah my heart is there I understand you, this is my passion. So where do I go now? Ok, so if you get that passion is very important then I say you're into a right start. It's a must to build the right foundations first so you can go to the higher steps. I know I wouldn't be able tell you every steps required in drawing realistic faces on this article due to the limitations, but everything will be useless anyway if you wouldn't get this very important point. It would be like building a great structure, if you wouldn't have the right foundation it will definitely fall.

Not like the other articles that I have read about this topic (not to downgrade them or anything, I actually have found a lot that are really quite useful that I suggest you read them out as well), I wouldn't tell you a specific step by step to-do list or specific detailed instructions to follow to produce a masterful art, (at least not yet) because I believe creating an art is much more than that, and I believe it is actually the choice of the "artist" (which is you in this case) to decide which techniques suits you better and which will assist you to better express yourself to help you draw a better realistic face.

So the question where to start? might not be the right question to answer but... when? And believe the answer to that is.... right now!

The Magical Steps For Beginners

I know I said I wouldn't give you a to the dot list of instructions in sketching (well, at least not yet, we'll save it for later). But these instructions will be a different one, and the goal of this list is to state the obvious and help you understand the importance of each one and the deeper meaning behind it to help you prepare as you go along perfecting your talent for the future.

1. Get a pencil and a paper.

Any pencil will do! and any kind of paper. For starters, it's not about what kind of pencil you are using or the kind of paper you are sketching into. These things will be just the tools you will take advantage of, but it will be entirely dependent on you on how to use them. So I suggest to start with whatever pencil you have first in your home and start drawing! Once you can be comfortable using whatever pencil you have, then it will be easy for you to utilize the variety of tools for shading and others in the next sessions.

2. Choose your subject and visualize it first in your mind.

Choose a subject first that you find interesting, the one that you would be inspired to finish or repeat if it doesn't go well. I usually go as I said with picture of celebrities in magazines that I had a crush on. funny, but I'm serious. These will be the pictures that I would be very proud once I have drawn them and show off in my room. Now comes the interesting part which is to visualize it in your mind, knowing you have to draw and replicate it in a piece of paper exactly the same. This is the perfect time to conceive every small details of it and realize them in your mind in a piece of paper shortly after.

3. Now Start Drawing.

No matter how you comprehend the word, that's where you should begin. For me, I usually start with the eye and go from there, but it would be different for every one else, I know some who draw the outline of the head first. But it would be entirely dependent on you. This is the perfect time for you use your artistry and imaginativeness.

4. Pay attention to the small details.

It's the little details that will make all the difference. Pay careful attention to it. Every shade, every little strokes copy it exactly as you see it. This is something I can't teach you, but you and you alone will have to perfect along the way which leads me to my final point.

5. Invest!

Invest your time, energy and yes even your money to be able to fully perfect this skill. It will take time. But as the old saying goes practice makes perfect. If at first you don't succeed try and try again. You'll be amazed at how much you progress along the way.

If you found this blog helpful then I invite you check out my site,, where you can find more free resources online as they help me develop the skill of drawing realistic faces.
Merunit Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for this note, that is very interesting. I truly agree with everything, especially with your words about passion. Because I'm just a hobbist I draw only people that "I have a crush on" or other interesting things (for me) )) But my problem here is that I lack patience. I can't finish "every curve, every shadow" properly. Sometimes I just have no idea how to finish the work, where to stop.
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